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We are living through difficult times right now. COVID-19 is affecting every business, every individual. Our normal routine has been disrupted and we’llall need some time to adjust.

We, at AMB Driving School want to make sure that your education endures little to no disruption. Which is why we are introducing an online course for our driving school.

You will be able to practice social distancing AND successfully complete your AMB course through the online platform, excluding in-car lessons.

At this time, only our 4-day course is available to register for online learning.

How do online classes work?

Online learning through a virtual classroom conducted through zoom. Teachers conducting the class with material on screen and allotted time for Q & A.

You can choose from three packages as usual. All packages include in-car training which you will be able to redeem for up to 1 year.

We are continuously improving our online learning system. Any feedback or questions are always welcome.

See you online!