Q 1: How do I get a driving instructor and schedule in car lessons?

A 1: On your final day of in class instruction, you will receive an in car instructors name and number, you will then contact the instructor and book appointments based on availability. Depending on the time of year and location, wait times vary.

Q2: How do I book my road test?

A1: Log on to www.drivetest.ca, fill in your information and book your road test for the next available date at a DriveTest centre near you.

Q 3: Can I do a course without G1?

A 3: In-class can be done without the G1 license. G1 license is required for in car instruction.

Q 4: How can I pay the balance?

A 4: Balance of payment can be paid by cash or cheque at our driving school location.

Q 5: What do I need to bring on the 1st day?

A 5: G1 license copy (copy required for certification purposes)

Balance of payment can be paid by cash or cheque only.

Pen (no pencils)

Q 6: Can I mix and match the schedule?

A 6: 4 day and 5 day classes cannot be mixed.

Q 7: Do I need to bring my certificate to the road test?

A 7: Paper copy is required for the road test day, you are certified electronically through the MTO system.

Q 8: Where do I get my certificate copy from?

A 8: 2 weeks after your final in-car lesson, log-on to www.ambdriving.com click on the yellow icon “Check my Certification Status”. Put your first and and last name as it is on your Ontario Driver’s License and select the location where you did the in-class. If you are certified, you may go to Service Ontario and request for a “Driver’s License History report”, this document is your certificate that you can show to the Insurance company.